Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Our team of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists at Alpha Sports Medicine specialise in sports injuries. All of our practitioners have sporting backgrounds and continue to train and compete. We treat all sports injuries from sprains, general soreness right up to post-surgical rehabilitation.

Sports we work with include AFL, Netball, Lacrosse. We also work with gym injuries. We have an exercise rehab gym onsite at our Newport location. 

We focus on getting the right diagnosis to ensure our athletes are back on the track with a good treatment plan and rehabilitation program.

Common sporting injuries include

  • Joint sprains: rolled ankle, sprained wrist
  • Knee injuries: ligament sprains, meniscus tears, ACL/PCL tears
  • Muscle strains: hamstring strain, calf strain, quad strain
  • Shoulder injuries: AC joint sprain, rotator cuff tears
  • Hip pains: impingement, osteitis pubis
  • Tendon injuries: Achilles, patella
  • Overuse injuries: shin splints, plantar fasciitis

Athletes and weekend warriors from Melbourne and surrounding western suburbs, Yarraville, Altona North, Spotswood and Sunshine can access our clinic, the Osteo’s and Physio’s near you.