Rolled Ankle

Ankle injury

Ankle Injury

Rolled Ankle

A rolled ankle, also known as a sprained ankle, is a common injury where there is an over stretching of the ligaments around the ankle. This is an injury that often occurs amongst athletes, particularly basketball, netball, AFL, rugby league.

How does it occur?

Sprained ankles often occur during a twisting and rolling action. Most commonly the lateral (outside) ligaments become damaged and the tissue torn.

What are the symptoms?

The ankle will typically swell up becoming hot and inflamed reducing the range of movement available, as well as making weight bearing difficult. You may require crutches or a moon boot to assist walking, depending on the severity.

How long does the recovery take?

The recovery time for an ankle sprain is dependent on its severity. The sports injury experts at Alpha in Newport will be able to diagnose and indicate if further medical imaging is required.

Grade 1: Overstretching of the ligaments 2-4 weeks

Grade 2: Partial tear of the ligaments 4-8 weeks

Grade 3: Full rupture of the ligaments, dependent on whether immobilisation or surgery is required. Anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months

What can you do for a sprained ankle?

You may wish to the advice of a sports injury expert. The Osteopaths and Physiotherapists at Alpha Sports Medicine will be able to aid the healing of your sprained ankle, improve the mobility and prescribe you rehabilitation exercises to help improve stability and return to sport.

The likelihood of re-occurrence of an ankle sprain is high, between 40-70%. For this reason, exercise rehab is very important.

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