Fascial Trains

Fascial Connections

Fascia, you may have heard your Osteo or Physio talk to you about this connective tissue during your appointment, but what is fascia? And what role does it play in the body? Fascia is a connective tissue found in bands or layers in the body. It’s mostly made up of collagen and surround all tissues in the body like cling wrap. It lies beneath the skin and creates a functional connection between muscles and internal organs. Fascia is a unique connective tissue because it is integrated and interconnected with tissues across the entire body by bands that run from head to toe. We talk about these fascial connections in the form of lines.

The Many Fascial Lines in the Human Body

The lines of fascia are so interconnected to aid with enhancing muscle function, stability and control across multiple joints. This deep connection also means that when any area along a fascial line becomes tight, overused or irritated, it can in turn disturb the function of the entire line of muscles it connects to.  The body may then compensate for this disturbance which may result in tension along the fascial line in other related areas of the body. 

You may have experienced an assessment with your Osteo or Physio where they have said your back pain is coming from your foot, or your shoulder pain is coming from your opposite hip. This is because well trained healthcare practitioners like the team at Alpha Sports Medicine look for the cause of pain not just the symptom, and with their in depth knowledge of human anatomy and fascial trains can locate the exact problem.

So the next time you experience pain in your body, think about the fascia connections that may be contributing to that pain. If you need help better understanding the cause of your pain, book online for an assessment with one of our elite Osteopaths or Physiotherapists located in Newport to help you overcome your pain and live at your best.