Top Newport Health and Wellness Clubs

Looking for a place to get fit and healthy in Newport, Victoria? This vibrant coastal suburb is home to a wide range of top health and wellness clubs, offering a variety of fitness classes and services to suit all levels, abilities, and interests.

We’ve curated a list of Newport’s top health and wellness clubs to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier you. Whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-art facility with a wide range of classes or a boutique studio specialising in Pilates, you’re sure to find the perfect club for you, including Bayfit Leisure Centre, Silverback Studios, Grind Pilates Co, Super Movement, and Your Daily.

Bayfit Leisure Centre

Bayfit Leisure Centre is located in Newport, Victoria. It has been around since the early 1980s and is a well-known place for health, fitness and wellness. It provides several facilities and programs like Bootcamp, FX30, and TeenFX to cater to the diverse needs of people looking to enhance their overall well-being.

When you step into Bayfit Leisure Centre, you’ll feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It has a spacious and well-maintained environment, equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a sparkling 25-meter lap pool, a warm water pool, and a steam room and spa. Whether you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health, build muscle or unwind after a long day, Bayfit offers a great place to achieve your fitness goals.

Bayfit Leisure Centre distinguishes itself from other health clubs by its unwavering commitment to providing personalised and inclusive experiences. Their team of qualified and experienced fitness professionals is dedicated to guiding individuals on their fitness journeys, tailoring programs to suit specific needs and goals. With a focus on fostering a supportive and motivating environment, Bayfit encourages individuals to embrace fitness at their own pace and level.

Bayfit Leisure Centre Newport | Newport Health &Amp; Wellness Clubs

Bayfit’s success in becoming one of the top health clubs in Newport Victoria stems from its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement. The centre regularly introduces new and exciting fitness programs, ensuring that members have access to the latest trends in exercise and wellness. Additionally, Bayfit actively participates in local events and initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the Newport community.

With a diverse range of membership options, Bayfit Leisure Centre welcomes individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Bayfit provides a supportive and empowering environment where you can achieve your fitness aspirations and cultivate a healthier lifestyle.


Cnr Mills & Mason Streets, Altona North, VIC 3025


Silverback Studios

Nestled in the heart of Newport, Silverback Studios is a haven for those seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness. Stepping into the studio, you’re immediately greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where expert instructors and a supportive fitness community come together to guide you on your fitness journey.

Silverback Studios specialises in pilates, a mind-body discipline that emphasises core strength, flexibility, and balance. The studio offers a wide variety of pilates classes, catering to all levels, from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, enhance your athletic performance, or simply relieve stress, Silverback Studios has a class for you.

In addition to their extensive pilates offerings, Silverback Studios also provides a diverse range of fitness classes, including:

Silverback Studios Newport | Newport Health &Amp; Wellness Clubs

At Silverback Studios, you’ll find more than just a fitness centre – it’s a welcoming community where everyone can get the support they need. With small class sizes, you’ll receive personalised attention from experienced instructors who are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

The studio is dedicated to teaching Real Pilates, which emphasises the true principles of pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates. Every class focuses on proper form, breathwork, and core engagement to help you get the most out of your workout.

Silverback Studios is one of the top-rated health clubs in Newport. This is because of its high-quality instruction, supportive community, and commitment to Real Pilates. Join and experience the difference for yourself!


40 Hall St, Newport VIC 3015, Australia


Grind Pilates Co

Grind Pilates Co. is a fitness studio located in Williamstown North. It’s a place where you can transform your body and mind through the power of pilates. Upon entering, you will immediately sense a warm and lively atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. You will be guided by expert instructors and a supportive community throughout your fitness journey. 

Grind Pilates Co. is the perfect place for pilates enthusiasts, offering a welcoming environment that accommodates all levels of experience; from those just starting to explore the discipline to seasoned practitioners seeking to deepen their practice. Their extensive range of pilates classes caters to every need, whether you’re looking to improve your core strength, enhance your flexibility, or simply find a moment of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Grind Pilates Co

While pilates is at the heart of Grind Pilates Co., their fitness offerings extend far beyond, providing a diverse range of classes to suit every fitness enthusiast. From invigorating barre sessions to dynamic Piloxing classes, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

What sets Grind Pilates Co. apart is the passion and expertise of their instructors. Each instructor brings a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the studio, ensuring that you receive personalised attention and guidance every step of the way. This pilates studio in Newport is dedicated to teaching authentic pilates, adhering to the principles and techniques developed by Joseph Pilates himself. This means that you can expect a focus on proper form, breathwork, and core engagement in every class, ensuring that you reap the full benefits of this transformative exercise system.


Level 1, 18 Macaulay Street, Williamstown North, VIC, Australia, Victoria


Super Movement

Come check out Super Movement, a lively fitness spot located in Spotswood Newport, and embrace the energetic and welcoming atmosphere that will greet you. Their spacious studio offers a diverse range of fitness classes catering to all levels and abilities, from seasoned athletes to those just starting their fitness journey.

Super Movement is known for its unique blend of fitness styles, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), pilates, barre, and yoga. Their challenging classes are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals while having fun along the way. Their team comprises of highly qualified and passionate trainers dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. With their personalised attention and guidance, you will feel supported and motivated every step of the way.

Super Movement | Newport Health &Amp; Wellness Clubs

More than just a fitness studio, Super Movement fosters a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and wellness. You will find encouragement and support from fellow members, creating a positive and motivating environment. They are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Their classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness, and their instructors are trained to provide modifications for those with injuries or special needs. 

Check out their new venue here.


6 Forrest Street, Spotswood VIC 3015


Your Daily Studios

Sitting in the heart of Yarraville, Your Daily is a boutique health and wellness club that offers a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. Upon entering, you will be welcomed by a cozy and hospitable environment, where state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors come together to create a truly unique fitness experience. They offer a wide range of fitness classes, catering to all levels and abilities. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training to pilates and yoga, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to its fitness classes, Your Daily also offers a variety of holistic wellness services, including massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, and acupuncture.

Your Daily Studios | Newport Health &Amp; Wellness Clubs

What sets Your Daily apart from other health and wellness clubs is its commitment to providing a personalised and supportive experience. Their team of experts works closely with each member to develop a customised fitness and wellness plan that aligns with their individual goals and needs.

Whether you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, reduce stress, or simply feel your best, Your Daily has something to offer you. With its personalised approach, supportive community, and state-of-the-art facilities, Your Daily is the perfect place to embark on your journey to holistic health and wellness. 

Check out their studio locations here.


1/57 Anderson St, Yarraville, 3013


Infrared Sauna

The experience of using an Infrared Sauna is different to a traditional sauna, this is because Infrared light is used to heat your body from the inside, meaning the air temperature doesn’t change. Some of the benefits of infrared saunas include:

The Infrared Sauna works well in conjunction with your Osteopathic treatment or Physiotherapy treatment

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