4 Keys to Finals Success

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Spring is fast approaching here in Melbourne, and for a lot of people, that means finals fever! They call it finals fever for a reason, it can bring with it excitement, anxiety and overwhelming joy. To win that elusive prize that you’ve worked so hard for all season, here are four tips to help give you the extra edge over your opponents

1. Sleep

It sounds like a simple one, but getting enough sleep is critical during the finals season. During sleep, your body works hard to maintain your physical health and support your brain function, so it’s particularly important during the pointy end of the season that you prioritise your rest! Good sleep will help your body repair and keep your mind focused on the task ahead.

2. Mindfulness

The pressure to succeed can start to mount, particularly if there’s an expectation for a certain level of performance. Nothing will defeat an athlete more than their own mind. Practicing daily mindfulness techniques can help you manage stress, as well as being a coping strategy when things don’t go according to plan. The brain is the most powerful muscle, look after it.

3. Get your injuries sorted

There’s nothing that hurts more than hurting yourself in the lead up to finals. Missing out on the joy of finals with your mates may haunt you for life. If you feel like your body is tight, sore or achey, make sure you’re aiding your recovery. Put your body first and seek a professional for help. Our team at Alpha Sports Medicine & Osteopathy in Altona North are very experienced with sporting injuries and can help you get back on track for finals glory!

4. Enjoy the ride!

Nothing will hurt you more than if you forget to enjoy the moment with your teammates. Be grateful for the opportunity that is presented and leave nothing to chance, when you’ve worked hard all year as a team, remember to celebrate your achievements together and be there for each other every step of the way.

So there you have it, four keys to success this finals season. Remember that winners are not those who never fail, they are those who never give up. Best of luck to everyone competing this September!

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