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Finding Relief Hypermobility Osteopath in Melbourne | Alpha Sports Medicine

Finding Relief: Hypermobility Osteopath in Melbourne

Are you or a loved one experiencing the challenges of hypermobility? Living with this condition can be both physically and emotionally taxing, but finding the right support can make all the difference. If you’re in Melbourne, you’re in luck – our team of experienced Osteopaths is here to help you find relief and improve your

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Newport Sports Therapy for Tennis Injuries | Alpha Sports Medicine Newport

Sports Therapy for Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a highly demanding sport that can take a toll on the body. From strained muscles to joint pain, injuries are common among tennis players. Tennis is a sport that requires agility, speed, and precision. With the constant movements, sudden stops, and repetitive motions, it’s no wonder that tennis players are prone to injuries.

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How to Avoid a Quarant Injury When Returning to Sport - Myotherapy Services Newport

Physio Vs Osteo. What’s the difference?

Physio or Osteo, what’s the difference? It’s a common question we hear floating around in our clinic. To put it simply, the difference between Physio and Osteo isn’t much at all. With our team at Alpha Sports Medicine & Osteopathy recently welcoming a Physiotherapist, now the question is, who should you choose to help you

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10 Common Gym Junkie Mistakes

Gym based injuries make up majority of the cliental we as Osteopaths see day in day out. However, injuries that result from gym training can often be avoided with some good advice! So whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or a freshman in the gym world, here are the 10 most common mistakes gym junkies

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