How To Improve Your Back Pain (The Easy Way)

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Have you lived with back pain your whole life? Or maybe you’ve just had a baby, and your back is suddenly painful. Or perhaps you’ve changed jobs and spend more time sitting at your desk. Now you wake up daily with aching back pain. If this sounds like you, read on to find out how to improve your back pain, the easy way.


Despite what you may think, the worst thing you can do for your back pain is stop moving. When you’re moving, blood is circulating at a faster rate. This means you’re delivering vital nutrients to the muscles in your back, as well as removing any inflammatory build up from the area. So if you’re finding your back is aching regularly, try some gentle movement to increase the blood flow to the area. A walk with the dog, some light stretching at home or even a walk to the coffee shop while your at work can all assist in relieving back pain.


Your spine is a strong structure, it’s made to be loaded! The muscles around it are made to be worked. Strength training is very important when it comes to managing back pain. The stronger the muscles around spine are the more they can withstand. If you’ve never been big on the gym scene, or you don’t really know where to start, our team can help! The Osteopaths at Alpha Sports Medicine & Osteopathy offer one on one exercise therapy specific for back pain to help you move without pain.

You can also try some home exercises, these are some of the easiest home strength exercises for back pain, they are a good starting point.

Hip Bridge Exercise For Back Pain | Alpha Sports Medicine
Hip Bridge
Back Pain Plank Exercise | Alpha Sports Medicine

Desk Posture

Sitting sometimes is unavoidable, especially if you have a job that requires sitting at a desk. The fact is, doing anything for a long period of time will cause strain on your body, including sitting. The trick with sitting at a desk is an ergonomic setup and taking regular breaks to change posture. You can download apps that can set timed reminders to stand up and move away from your desk. Also make sure your desk is set up at the right height, an ergonomic assessment of your workstation may be a good idea also.

Ergonomic Desk Set Up

If you have been suffering from back pain for a long time, there is hope! Help is out there! The team of Osteopaths in Altona North can help you take control of your back pain, the journey begins with you!

Osteopaths can help with back pain!

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