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Exercise Guilt - Exercise Rehab | Alpha Sports Medicine Newport

Do you ever feel guilty if you don’t exercise? Or feel bad about yourself if you only fit in a 3km walk today? Or feel like you dont look “fit enough” to go to the gym. Or feel like if you eat a burger, you’r going to have to work it off? You’re probably not alone. The problem is however, why we feel this way. 

Celebrate what your body can do

Our body’s are designed to move, but not as punishment. When we exercise, we should feel empowered, and proud of what we can do with our bodies. The right reason to exercise is to benefit your health and feel great about yourself.

Food is wonderful

Food is nourishing and delicious, it is a representation of culture and love. Eating food should be an enjoyable journey. Restrictive dieting can have detrimental effects, aim for balance and colour on your plate. So if you want to eat that burger, do it, savour it and enjoy it, but try to do it in balance with the rest of your nutrition intake.

Do a Social Media Cleanse

Social Media can show the very best of anyone, working the angles, the lighting, the filters. As beautiful as some accounts may be, try to follow accounts who inspire you and embrace the human body in all its forms. 

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do, is rest

If you’re always busy, and always on the go, continuing to push yourself may push you into a continuous state of stress. If your body is sending you signs you need to rest, listen to those signs, let your body recover, it’s equally as important as exercise.

At our clinic Alpha Sports Medicine, our belief is that the human body should be celebrated for all it can do. If you need help getting your body on track, our team of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are happy to help you along your journey.

We are located in Newport we provide Osteo and Physio service to the Melbourne area, including Altona, Altona North, Williamstown, Yarraville and Spotswood.

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